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Selling Your Business

Your business isn't just any business. It is an accumulation of many years of long hours, sweat, and immeasurable sacrifice, turning your business into an entity with valuable equity. It is a lifetime achievement turned into a legacy of pride. Therefore, the decision to sell your business is one of the most important decisions of your lifetime.

Selling a Business

Selling your business and transferring it to a new owner is a complex matter, involving a number of variables. The decision to sell is the easy part. How to go about it is another matter altogether. Setting a price, advertising, negotiating with a prospective buyer, and dealing with the legal and financial details all need to be addressed. Most business owners will only sell one business in their lifetime, and a professional business intermediary, such as Excelsior Business Group, can help explain how the process works.

Consider the Facts:
  • One out of five American businesses change hands each year
  • The vast majority of all business sellers are first-time sellers, unprepared to meet the complexities and time demands of the process
  • Business owners who try to sell their business without professional help typically receive considerably less than the fair market price for their business
  • A significant number of business sales arranged by business owners without professional assistance result in transactional problems, dissatisfaction, default or in court
  • Today's business buyers and their financial advisors demand reliable financial and operational information that can not only be confirmed, but also documented and verified, and presented in a clear and understandable manner
What we can bring to the Process:
  • KNOWLEDGE - We can market your business without employees, customers or competitors knowing that it is for sale. This is important to the smooth continuation of the business during the selling process
  • TIME - We can save you time and frustration when it comes to selling your business. We're the mid-market experts who can guide you through every aspect of the selling process…from arriving at a fair market price to handling financial arrangements and closing the transaction. We're good at what we do.
  • MARKETING - We can expose your business to prospective buyers not only in your local area, but throughout the United States. Additionally, we are continually vetting prospective buyers throughout the process to determine not only their financial capability to move forward with the transaction, but also to determine their ability to operate and grow the business that they are buying.
Confidential Information Memorandum

An important element in the marketing process is the Confidential Information Memorandum. This report on the business offered for sale is written to provide information that the prospective Buyer can review and evaluate in determining the suitability and desirability of the business opportunity. A typical Confidential Information Memorandum contains a detailed description of the business, a summary of financial data, and additional business facts such as lease information, number of employees, inventories, pending and operative contracts with vendors and customers and other pertinent information. Following a thorough review of the Confidential Information Memorandum, and consultations with the Business Broker, the prospective Buyer will have a solid understanding of the business, its operations and its potential for continued future success.

  • NEGOTIATIONS - We handle negotiations in a clean, patient and professional manner that keeps the business issues clearly in focus, rather than clouded by emotions. We are able to do something that you cannot do. We are able to pursue a buyer from a professional position. If you attempt to pursue them they may feel that you're desperate and will only try to low-ball on the price. Because we screen all inquiries, then schedule buyer-seller meetings only with serious prospects, at a time convenient to you, you receive the combined benefits of convenience and absolute confidentiality..
  • SUCCESS - We at Excelsior Business Group LLC are experienced professionals who are aware of our clients' needs. We work hard and are proud of the success we have representing our clients. As such, we will provide references upon request.