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Auto Wholesale+ / Auto Retail Business

  • Auto Broker
  • New York City
  • EBG-194322051
  • $ 200,000
  • $ 710,000
  • $ 710,000

This highly profitable business began operations in May, 2021. In the short period of time since it started, the business has grown to an annual revenue of over $650,000. And, more importantly, the future rate of revenue growth is expected to continue increasing substantially, That said, the operating systems that the owners have put in place, a ...

Patented Self-Watering System - Vegetable Planters

  • Farm Equipment S&S
  • Long Island, NY
  • EBG-194323070
  • $ 675,000
  • $ 140,710
  • $ 102,499
This company has a Patented Self-Watering Raised Bed Garden Planter System perfect for growing vegetables. They have developed a unique self-watering process for planters that accurately provides the right amount of water, as needed, for each variation of plants. This process solves the most frustrating concern that gardners typically experience; ...

Online/Retail Seller of Vitamins & Supplements

  • Online Retail Store
  • New Jersey
  • EBG-194323101
  • $ 195,000
  • $ 673,725
  • $ 79,907

This business sells vitamins, supplements and personal care products. Most of their sales are online. But they also have an attractive retail store in NJ for walk-in buyers. Additionaly, they also use a subscription service for some of their sales. Their primary products consist of the following: Major Brand Name Vitamin Supplements Probiotic Su ...

Commercial & Residential GC Construction

  • Contractor New Homes
  • Northern New Jersey
  • EBG-194323121
  • $ 1,200,000
  • $ 2,718,007
  • $ 671,813

This highly profitable general contracting construction business, located in northern NJ, offers the following services: Design/Build General Contracting, Commercial Construction Projects, Apartment Building Construction, Apartment Building Maintenance Services, Home Improvements and Home Additions. This business, which is recognized for its exp ...

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