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The Value of a Professional Business Broker

A qualified broker will save business sellers money when selling their business by helping them avoid costly mistakes, by effectively marketing the appeal of their business and by maximizing exposure to serious buyers…all with complete confidentiality.

And a qualified broker will present business buyers with solid, high-quality, vetted, business opportunities for their consideration.

Value of a Business Broker
A Professional Business Broker will:
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Maximize the value of the company being sold
  • Screen and pre-qualify all potential buyers and sellers
  • Reach qualified buyers for their seller clients, while minimizing potentially damaging public exposure to the seller’s competitors, employees, customers and suppliers
  • Coordinate activities with associated specialists and advisors, such as Attorneys, CPA’s, Lenders and Landlords, among others
  • Act as a buffer between parties: thereby allowing the seller and buyer to make reasonable decisions
  • Clarify what is being sold: explaining the past and selling the future

A professional business broker will land a higher price, market a business more comprehensively, and insulate the seller from the emotional process of negotiating and closing a sale.